PiPax International Limited

PiPax Products


The products are either aimed, where possible, at:

(a)    improving health & fitness

and or

(b)    alleviating and helping to avoid undesirable health and fitness conditions.

These include products that assist the body, mind and spirit to achieve a holistic balance.


Multi-Media Products - Under Development

1.    PiPax Pilates DVD

Twin DVD:

 DVD One - Getting the Structure Right

This gives important physical information relating to the structure of the body

before starting on any exercise programme.

DVD Two - PiPax Pilates Home Class


2. Audio Tracks, Ipod and MP3 etc for Travelling

(a)    Pilates

(b)    Lounging


3.    PiPax Balletic Pilates Workout

This gives the structure and a class that gives the benefits of Pilates

with the aerobic benefits

coming from the incorporating ballet movements into the Workout.

These are also being produced as part of the 'Mind Body Training for Mobility' brand

- MBT for Mobility.

Special Products & Services - Under Development