PiPax Pilates

(Where we come from.)


Pilates can be taught by trainers with very different backgrounds and qualifications.


However, PiPax's roots are from the 'dance' side rather than from 'aerobics'.


Experienced dancers are naturally aware of their bodies at all times and,

 when instructing, can be very aware of the position and movement of the person exercising.

This allows the 'dancer' to appreciate when there may be a tendency to

either, not perform the correct movement or, its timing, and the appropriate  breathing in relation to the exercise being carried out.

It is also important to keep the exercises flowing.


Pilates has developed over the years responding to the results of research over this time.

Some of the original exercises, pure Pilates,

 would today be regarded as being very risky to the body and therefore not recommended.


However, PiPax has identified 11 Basic Principles of PiPax's Modern Pilates

and we incorporate these into all of our Pilates related exercise programmes.


There are many benefits of PiPax's Pilates related programmes, these include:

i)    improved posture and co-ordination

ii)    lean, firm and sleek muscles;

iii)    total body conditioning;

iv)    improved muscular balance;

v)    increase core strength and power;

vi)    significant reduction in risk of injury;

vii)    enhanced flexibility;

viii)    controlled enhancement of sex life,

coming from increased strength, awareness and sensitivity in the internal muscles


ix)    improved harmony between mind and body.