PiPax International Limited

STRATEGY - Development Plans & Aims

The underlying source and drive for the development of the business comes from ‘dance’ (posture and movement)

rather than from pure ‘aerobics’.  Also, the Company interprets ‘holistic’ in the full sense of the word.


 With the Company's Holistic Products & Services provided to Clients,

the Company is developing its own ‘Stand Alone’ Business Format,

as ‘Centres’, for supplying its Holistic Services.

This Business Format will then be implemented in the UK and Overseas into existing premises, (including Clubs & Hotels)

as well as into new purpose built premises.


The Company’s Directors have the necessary high quality skills and experience (in business and the health & fitness area)

to be able to ‘turn around’ small as well as widely established substantial Health & Fitness Clubs

as part of the on-going development of its planned International business.


When appropriate, the Company will also be going down the 'acquisitions' route.


The Company is currently in the early stages of working with various Strategic Alliance Partner Companies to:

(a)        develop a ‘stand alone centre’ based on the integration of clinical services into the heath & fitness activities,

using more flexible and appropriate pricing systems.

(b)        incorporate its ‘standard alone centre’ into an existing Hotel.

(c)        develop a fully holistic, mind and body, Business Format that includes:

Clinical Service Centres; Personal Development Training / Coaching Programmes and; new Health & Fitness Programmes.

(d)        provide non-intrusive cosmetic surgery.

(e)        provide ergonomically designed Office Products, including multi-media products,

mainly for the Corporate ‘in office’ environment.