PiPax International Limited




For Holistic Fitness - Body, Mind & Spirit

The Company's approach involves key individuals in the Company being actively involved

in the continuous development of quality services.


These key individuals personally test / experience the quality

of the expertise brought in

so as to know the quality services that our Clients can receive.


We 'walk the talk'.


We then ensure that these are of the highest quality and that they meet our Clients' requirements.


The underlying philosophy is the seeking of the synergistic benefits

by fine tuning the body, mind and spirit

to achieve a happy and peaceful balance.



We fully recognize that the contribution a Holistic Trainer can make is based:

- firstly, on proper direct training in their specialist field of expertise

and other related holistic health training and;

- secondly, on the particular background and life experiences of the Trainer

(which provides additional contextual expertise).


We regard it to be essential that the Trainer is aware of

the limits of his / her medical competence and can identify:

where addition specialist medical input is required and;

where other holistic exercises and treatments may be beneficial.


Certainly with the advancing knowledge of medical and health matters, and within Pilates,

there are various Joseph Pilates' exercises that would not now be advised,

even for very healthy individuals.


PiPax is dedicated to achieving body, mind and spirit being in peaceful balance.


The Pi (Π) provides the gateway:  

with: -    the Body and Mind (being the two columns) in balance (the crossbar);

-    the true developing Spirit should be allowed to come through the gateway (portal).


     Pax is Peace (represented by the dove) within the portal.


It is impossible to be all knowing but we aim to achieve such peace

by recognising developments in various important fields.


Also, our organizational approach is in line with best Managerial Practices

which are provided with flair, creativity and integrity.