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For Holistic Fitness - Body, Mind & Spirit

PiPax International Limited is a dynamic Company that aims to provide, in a relatively unique way,

Holistic Services of the highest Quality to

discerning Individuals either, directly as the Clients or to and through the Clients' Organizations.


The Company provides bespoke packages to our Clients,

calling on our highly respected holistic experts.

Site Contents:

                                       About PiPax International

                                               PiPax - Approach & Philosophy

                                                    PiPax - Strategy & Development


                                      PiPax - Corporate Services: Fitness Programmes

                                      PiPax - Corporate Services: Management Consultancy

                                      PiPax - Personal Services

                                                        Pilates - Introducing Pilates

                                                                        PiPax - Pipax Pilates

                                                                        Ballet - The PiPax Balletic Pilates Workout

                                      PiPax - Holistic Holidays


                                      PiPax - Products -

                                                    1.    PiPax Pilates Videos

                                                    2.    Audio Cassettes for Travelling

                                                    3.    PiPax Balletic Pilates Workout

                                                    Special Products & Services

                                                  This is in the process of being updated for new developments


Interested parties should contact in the first instance:

PiPax preferably by e-mail to


Mr. David Brent
Chairman & Chief Executive
PiPax International Limited
8 Howson Terrace
Richmond Hill
Richmond on Thames
Surrey TW10 6RT
United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 (0) 7944 942 336 Fax: +44 (0) 8700 510 781