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INDESTEP Injection Moulding Machines for Plastics


Indestep Injection Moulding Machines are aimed at competing with

non-rotary (horizontal) much larger clamping tonnage conventional machines

that use multiple cavity tools to achieve 'economies of scale'

for producing small / medium sized plastic mouldings.


The emphasis is on technical mouldings, as well as, commodity mouldings with 'value added' work.


The Indestep Machines should have advantages for all grades of material where "cooling times"

 are relatively long in comparison with "injection plus hold times".


The designs readily allow Special Purpose Machine capabilities, including:

insert moulding, twin injection, printing, automation etc.



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                                       General & Summary

                                               The Indestep Injection Moulding Machine - Design Features

                                                                  - Indestep Machine Range

                                                                        - First Model IDVR050/8ST

                                                        Special Mould Tooling

                                                               Patent Features

                                                                       Business Approach

                                                                               News & Press Items    


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 射出成形機技術 Injection Moulding Machinery Technology

 射出成形技術 Injection Moulding Technology

 射出成形 Injection Moulding.


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