David Brent

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Finance), M.B.A.

Chairman & Chief Executive

PiPax International Limited

e-mail: pipax@e-opus.com

As Chairman & Chief Executive, David has overall responsibility for the Company,

with specific emphasis to Business Strategy and relationships with Strategic Alliance Partner Companies.


          David has had profit responsibility and Senior Management and Board level experience with various size

companies, including Major Companies operating in a wide range of Industries.

This experience  involves Manufacturing and Services,

and includes fast moving branded consumer goods, capital equipment and Intellectual Property.

In particular on the  services side, this includes: Company and Business Development Services;

Management Consultancy Services (both internal and external); Computer & Management Services;

Financial Services and various Business to Business Services.


David is a professionally trained executive with two Business School

post�graduate qualifications (at distinction level).

He is also able to be highly creative and entrepreneurial.


On the Health & Fitness side,    David has been a sportsman in his youth with good �hand (and foot) to eye�

co-ordination and fast reflexes.  For some years he has carried out his own fitness programme.

He is relatively fit for his age.


David's health & fitness philosophy is to 'walk the talk', actively participating in exercise programmes, as well as,

testing the Company's products and services.


David firmly believes that health & fitness is a key personal issue for all individuals

(all ages and all medical conditions) while at work, rest and play.


Two of the main causes of absenteeism are work-related stress and back problems,

with stress now overtaking back problems as being the major cause.

The total costs to the Economy in terms of days lost and costs of treatment is very substantial.


Neither Students, Workers (including Executives) nor Medical Practitioners can avoid

the realities of the need to be fit and healthy (mentally and physically) themselves,

to be able to achieve and enjoy their best 'quality of life'.