Special Technical Feature

Hot Runner Systems

20th June 2003


Plasthing introduces fully

integrated rotary system


Plasthing Group has developed a special hot runner system for use on a novel prototype rotary injection moulding machine developed by UK company Indestep International.  The machine is being actively promoted to UK closure manufacturers.


Hot runner feed is an important element in the design of the eight-station Indestep machine.  Plasthing's hot runner combines with the injection unit to provide an integrated system.


The Indestep approach introduces plastics directly into the cavity, eliminating the need for the hot runner system to be part of the injection mould.


Indestep chief executive David Brent claims this gives the rotary machine a big potential cost advantage over conventional injection moulding machines using multi-cavity hot runner moulds.


This arrangement also means it is a simple and cost-effective task to mount injection units at two of the eight mould stations for bi-material moulding of parts such as beverage caps with an integral wadding seal feature.


The Plasthing Indestep integrated hot runner system can be fitted with any of the firms injection bushings.


Indestep 01932 780377