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11th June 2003


Integrated hot runner system promises cost savings

By Chris Smith


11 June 2003 ‑ A special hot runner system, combined with a novel type of injection moulding machine, could offer large savings to plastics closure manufacturers.


Plasthing Group of the UK has developed a hot runner system for use on a novel prototype rotary injection moulding machine developed by Indestep International.



Hot runner feed is a key element in the design of the eight-station Indestep machine.  Plasthing's hot runner combines with the injection unit to provide a totally integrated injection system.


The Indestep approach introduces the plastics directly into the cavity, so the hot runner system is not part of the injection mould.   According to Indestep chief executive David Brent, this provides the rotary machine with big potential cost advantage over conventional injection moulding machines that use multi-cavity hot runner moulds.


The integrated hot runner system is designed to be easily maintained and can be fitted with any of the company’s injection bushings, including valve gate, edge gate, 240-volt externally-heated open flow and 24‑volt thermocouple cartridge bushings.


Brent foresees a typical Indestep bi-material closure system would use a combination of a valve gate bushings on the TPE station and a conventional thermal break bushing at the base material station.