PiPax Pilates

“Body & Mind in Balance”




1.       Would you like to reduce back injury and back pain?

 Well you can by increasing your ‘core strength’ and power.


2.       Would you like to reduce stiffness of joints and increase mobility and suppleness?

Well you can by developing enhanced flexibility.


3.       Would you like to ease or prevent genital-urinary problems

and alleviate bladder problems?

Well you can by improving control of your body functions.


4.       Would you, as a man or woman, like to improve your sexual prowess and sex life?

Well you can by developing the ‘pelvic floor’ and ‘core strength’.


5.       Would you like to significantly reduce the risk of injury?

Well you can by also improving co-ordination skills and body awareness.


6.       Would you like a flatter stomach?

Well you can by building up your core strength

and by developing lean, firm and sleek muscles.

You may also look and take smaller sized clothes.


7.       Would you like to look taller and leaner?

 Well you can by improving your posture and muscular development.


8.       Would you like to redress muscular imbalance and improve body alignment?

Well you can by building improved muscular balance with total body conditioning.


9.       Would you like exercise without PAIN but with plenty of GAIN?

Well you can by developing harmony between the body and mind.


REMEMBER: Be committed and you can believe it.

See and feel the REWARDS for yourself.