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New Products From Britain - Press Release - 11th August 2003


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July 30, 2003




In-house and contract injection-molding operations can benefit from the lower running costs and space-efficiency promised by new compact rotary plastics molding machines developed in the UK.


Indestep International has applied patented new technology to its rotary injection-molding units that allows additional processes to be integrated into the machinesí operating cycles. This, says the company, offers significant advantages over conventional non-rotary machines, combining the design advantages of a much smaller footprint for the equivalent throughput, with significant savings in overall machine and mold tooling costs.


The Indestep machinesí injection process is based upon an integral hot-runner system, which permits injection straight into the cavities without the need for sprues. This is designed to offer savings when compared to conventional machines relying on multi-cavity hot runner molds for the production of small to medium-sized moldings. Standard parts of the mold tool form part of the machine itself, with the cavities, cores and ejector pins remaining specific to the end product.


Indestep injection-molding units facilitate continuous mold cooling throughout the machine cycle and offer a clamping force of between 50 and 100 tons. Both standard and special-purpose machines can be provided, thanks to Indestepís modular design. The machinesí configuration also accommodates two component moldings simultaneously, with injection undertaken at dual stations operating independently and in parallel.


This design is subject to US Patent Number 5,855,935 and has 57 claims, including 15 independent claims. Manufacturing arrangements and related business operations are currently in the process of being set up for the US, with strategic alliance partners also providing technical machine sales support.


As well as end users, the company would welcome inquiries from potential agents.


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